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Community Mental Health Centers were created by the federal Mental Health and Retardation Facilities and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act of 1963. Under this legislation, community mental health centers were developed to make mental health services available across the country. Community Mental Health Centers provide a range of mental health services, including outpatient care, day treatment, emergency services, consultation and education, and medication services.
Standards for Community Mental health centers are set by state legislation and licensure regulation. These regulations require that standards of quality be met in several areas including provision of specified programs, employment and supervision of staff, and use of standardized clinical practices. These standards are monitored in Kansas by the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, Health Care Policy /Mental Health. Central Kansas Mental health Center is one of 29 Licensed Community Mental Health Centers in Kansas.

Central Kansas Mental Health center is also a 501 C3 not-for-profit organization. It was organized on January 6, 1964 by resolution of the Board of Commissioners of Saline County. On January 1, 1965, Dickinson, Ellsworth, and Ottawa counties joined Saline County to form a regional mental health center. The addition of Lincoln county on January 1, 1972, brought the number of counties served by CKMHC to 5, with a total population of the service area of approximately 88,000.

In March 1975, the CKMHC Board of Governors approved a growth and development plan, which included the establishment of a building fund by the County Commissioners, site selection and plans, and culminated in ground being broken for the current outpatient building on July 6, 1976.

Facilities were expanded with the completion of a new building at 800 Elmhurst for the Crossroads Club Psychosocial program in November, 1993. In December of 1996, the Dr. O.L. Martin Center at 833 Elmhurst was added to the campus, providing housing for a variety of programs/services, especially for children.  In 2002, the basement of Crossroads was completed to strengthen community based services for youth.  The spring of 2006 will see the completion of a major addition to the outpatient building for adequate space for services, administration, and educational activities.
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Administrative Staff:  last updated 3-13-2013
Patricia Murray, MSW, Executive Director
Barrett Halderman, Ph.D., Clinical Director
Dan Gard, MSW, Outpatient Services Director
Glenna Phillips, BGS, Community Support Services Administrative Director
John Presley, MSW, Director of Youth Services
John Lobato, BA, Community Based Services Administrative Director
Sheila Srna, Director of Finance
Jo Ann Mattison, SPHR, Human Resources Director
Karen Stineman, Administrative Assistant
Renee Hewitt Soden, BA, Quality Assurance Coordinator

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2013 Governing Board:
The county commissioners of each county served by the Center appoint CKMHC Governing Board members.

Dickinson County:

Sheila Biggs
Lynn Peterson
Bill Peterson

Ellsworth County:

Clara McCoy

Lincoln County:

Doris White

Ottawa County:

Glennace Kirn

Saline County:

Julie Lemons, Chairperson
Randy Duncan
Diana Shaft
Jim Hughes

League of Women Voters Observer

Jan Mendell
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Organizational Chart

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